a.1.Not still; restless.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He has published two books of figure art, The Language of the Body (2012) and Unstill Life (2017).
Miller Oberman: Miller Oberman's book of poems and translations, "The Unstill Ones," is newly out from Princeton University Press in the fall of 2017.
Among the many moving parts in this unstill life are a half-peeled banana, a smartphone, a varicose cocoon disgorging puffy white larvae, and a coiled-up turd (with encircling flies).
McGovern is dying of an acute haematoma and lacerations of the skull--an unstill package, ventilated, evacuated, fibrillated, palpated, catheterised in his polyurethane plastic tent ...
swarm, unstill, not focusable upon until each white-hot needle
Arluke (sociology and anthropology, Northeastern U.) and Rolfe, a collector of early twentieth century animal photos), appeal topet lovers and scholars with these photographs from 1890 to 1940.They show cats in various poses with friends, including hilariously posed children, naturally-arranged cat "unstill lives," two subjects posed as one, a series of cats enjoying domestic privileges, gender displays, the cat as a citizen (complete with awkward but loyal headgear), and finally a sort of peaceable kingdom, in which pampered cats look out onto the world with all their stateliness exposed.
According to a press release issued on Saturday, The Governor while commenting on this tragic incident of IED blast in Pakh Kandaw area of Orakzai Agency said in a statement that such cowardly acts could not deter the Sate of Pakistan from its struggle against terrorism and the State world continue to fight against these anti-state elements and terrorists unstill they are uprooted.
These small-scale sculptures of vessel forms, such as Unstill Life, are altered production ware, largely as they were collected from recycle bins at the end of an assembly line at the Indra Ceramics factory in Lamphang, northern central Thailand.
Pound ends one of his last Cantos (CXIII) with the line: "but the mind as Ixion, unstill, ever turning." It is an image not of restless curiosity, but of the ruins of one's life.
But in the other sense of the word, the items she paints are not static, but best categorized as "unstill lifes." Although the inclusion of elements like half-consumed beverages, lit candles, and an open drawer reflect human activity under way, many objects provoke an unsettling sense of loss and pain.
H.D.'s appearance here is particularly telling, since the underlying sentiment of Canto 113 is Pound's inability to rest, to stop his compulsiveness: "but the mind as Ixion, unstill, ever turning" (113/790).
The air is expectant and unstill; charcoal dust flies in the face of the wind; the smudged light of dusk sets the day on edge.