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Noun1.ipsedixitism - an unsupported dogmatic assertion
assertion, asseveration, averment - a declaration that is made emphatically (as if no supporting evidence were necessary)
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Compensation provided under FirstEnergys proposal would be significantly expanded beyond RMR precedent, going so far as to include bailing a qualifying unit out of debt based on an unsupported assertion that revenues are needed to ensure long-term operation.
The quoted phrase is not in itself convincing, of course - merely an unsupported assertion.
He started with an unsupported assertion he said was "not in dispute," that "it is worth going to war to keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons.
She makes one unsupported assertion after another and creates conversations that imply that she knew exactly what the women said to each other.
Secondly, Ryanair's complaint about abuse of dominant position' was dismissed because, in the court's opinion, the complaint was merely an unsupported assertion, and did not contain any explanation that would have allowed the Commission to determine whether the claims were in fact justified.
After a brief digression on the unfairness of editorial comments regarding "Hearts-and-Minds," as well as an aside during which he makes the unsupported assertion that "authoritarian rule is .
The authors' unsupported assertion that open communication leads to buy-in, trust, commitment and alignment, which in turn "translates to bottom-line competitiveness," for another (naturally, as an organizational communicator, I, too, take this on faith).
To her credit, Tripp does not make the unsupported assertion that the informal economy, because it is a site of capital accumulation outside the state, is also a potential location of bourgeois class formation which will then demand accountability from the state, and ultimately challenge it.
Here Cobb invokes a variety of disciplines - history, anthropology, science - to authorize his unsupported assertion, named as fact.
Unfortunately this leads to the unsupported assertion that the Roland is really a piece of drama that would have been acted out by a performer with props.
The critical essays contain much unsupported assertion and a posteriori comment, for which brevity is not a sufficient excuse.
Furthermore, Raspa adds the word `act' to a sentence beginning `Nor doth the Pope improvidently, in advancing', on the basis of an unsupported assertion that the use of `doth' to mean `act' was `generally archaic by Donne's day, (p.