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Noun1.Untermeyer - United States writer (1885-1977)
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"He never let even a day pass before he took out a card or a piece of stationary and penned his thanks, greetings, regrets, observations, congratulations, consolations, condolences, encouragements, jokes, gentle gibes and much else to whomever he had just seen or just thought about," said Chase Untermeyer, a longtime friend who was director of presidential personnel in the Bush administration.
Translated by JS Untermeyer. New York: Vintage (Kindle edition).
Dr Hassan Mohamed al-Ansari and US former ambassador to Qatar Chase Untermeyer, who is also QHF advisory and chairman of the Qatar-America Institute, shake hands at the roundtable hosted by Gulf Times yesterday.
They include texts by Sandra Cisneros, Louis Untermeyer, Rudyard Kipling, Emily Dickinson, and Maya Angelou; biographies of Oprah Winfrey, Mother Teresa, Jackie Robinson, Sally Ride, and Lin-Manuel Miranda; a speech from Ronald Reagan; a novel study featuring Wonder by R.J.
was not used in quotation marks in the original decision in Untermeyer.
Amongst the first texts she was allocated was"Portrait of a Machine"by American poet Louis Untermeyer.
is truly the only protection that voters have when it comes to weighing candidates," said former state Ethics Commissioner Chase Untermeyer. "They may be inclined to support somebody or disinclined to support somebody based upon what contributions they accept.
Bush, Chase Untermeyer, noted that a cabinet secretary asked, "Do you mean to tell me that just because some people worked in a Bush campaign that I have to hire them in my department?" The cabinet secretary was told, "Had it not been for these people, and a lot of other people, George [H.
Such prominent citizens as Louis Kirstein [president of Filene's Department Store] and Samuel Untermeyer [internationally known civil rights attorney] and others have added their protest, although I am glad to say that a number of intellectual Jews have also written complimenting us upon the stand we have taken.
(I was naive enough to think maybe the "W" stood for "Writing".) MacLeish held the exalted title of Bolyston Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory at Harvard and was at a second peak of his fame, having been the Librarian of Congress and having won the Pulitzer Prize three times, most recently the previous year for his verse drama "J.B." The Untermeyer anthology of modern American poetry we used in high school had a sizable MacLeish selection, so I could actually quote the two famous lines from his "Ars Poetica":
The Letters of Robert Frost to Louis Untermeyer. Ed.