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1. Not named or given a title: an untitled story.
2. Having social rank but not belonging to formal aristocracy: untitled nobility.


1. without a title: an untitled manuscript.
2. having no claim or title: an untitled usurper.


(ʌnˈtaɪt ld)

1. without a title: an untitled painting; an untitled nobleman.
2. having no right or claim.
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Adj.1.untitled - not of the nobilityuntitled - not of the nobility; "of ignoble (or ungentle) birth"; "untitled civilians"
lowborn - of humble birth or origins; "a topsy-turvy society of lowborn rich and blue-blooded poor"


adj paintingunbetitelt, ohne Titel; personohne (Adels)titel
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Country music legend Garth Brooks debuted a new, untitled song whose lyrics highlighted this movement's importance: "To my children I make this vow / To matter then, it must matter now."
The untitled song is an edgy devotional number sung by Sanjay and Ajay Gogavale from the popular music duo Ajay-Atul.
The untitled song, composed by Sachin Jigar, is an edgy devotional number sung by Sanjay and Ajay Gogavle from the popular Marathi music duo Ajay-Atul.
She's more lyrics-focused on an untitled song, rapping over a gloomy beat about her mom's pregnancy at age 17, her father's cheating, and his murder.
According to a Just Jared (http://www.justjared.com/2014/12/03/teen-wolfs-tyler-posey-serenades-us-shirtless-with-an-original-song-listen-now/) report , Tyler Posey teased his original untitled song with some NSFW language on YouTube through his "Music for your ears to bleed to" series.
His new exhibition, Untitled Song, is an eclectic mix of found bits of furniture, analogue electrical appliances: radios, speakers and turntables, all of which are frequently interspersed with fragments of other artists' works.
The teen sensation, 18, previously recorded a untitled song with Taylor for his latest album.