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Other antipsychotic drugs have not been proven effective and/or are accompanied with untolerable adverse effects.
Marai and Haebb (2010) define heat stress as "the state at which mechanisms activate to maintain an animal's body thermal balance, when exposed to untolerable (uncomfortable) elevated temperatures.
According to Deleuze, the limit-situation of the time-image "makes us grasp, it is supposed to make us grasp"--an interesting stutter--"something untolerable and unbearable" (C2, 18); it "gives rise to a seeing function" (C2, 19).
According to Hiruta, the advocates of ethical pluralism would like to avoid the untolerable, such as child pornography in the Internet, working on the basis of a pragmatic problem-solving strategy leading to "points of agreement" or "responses" on the basis of Socratic dialogue.
Less than 24 hours after the head of Birmingham Children's Hospital warned the new NHS payments system was placing vital services under an untolerable strain, Mr Blair said it was "the moment to hold our nerve".
These barbaric acts constitute untolerable aggression against democracy and underline the need for the international community and the members of the Alliance to unite their forces in fighting the scourge of terrorism.
We would not let members of our families in so-called Third World countries suffer because of the untolerable burden of unpayable debt.