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With the help of the mentioned technology, it is possible to select opportune height providing better observation, to determine visible and unvisible area of the very terain, determination of various areas and objectives towards the activity trajectory as well as the pathes the enemy is expected to approach.
Our purpose is to define visible and unvisible areas along the straight line between the observation point (A) and the target point (B).
Krista Thompson's recent historiographic analysis of African diaspora art history highlights modern approaches to "racial signs" that are invisible or "unvisible." (6) Yet Hudson was another nineteenth-century American painter with African ancestry, alongside Joshua Johns(t)on of Baltimore and Edward Bannister of Providence, who served American clients within the conventions of western art practices.
Due to lack of quarantine facilities, Pakistan's share is unvisible in total Japan and United States one billion dollar mango market, according to Pakistan Fruits and Vegetables Exporters, Importers and Merchants Association (PF&VEIMA).
(64) Two other Yongle lotus mandalas of exactly of the same size and composition--and of the same workshop--have survived in complete condition: in the Potala Palace (Hevajra) and in Sakya monastery (Raktayamari), here preserved, though almost unvisible, in the southern Phur khang side hall, high up in the shelves for precious statuary.
They may be visible or unvisible but, there co-infections cause severe healthy problems to the infected individuals.