n.1.(Railroad) A line or track leading from the provinces toward the metropolis or a principal terminus; the track upon which up-trains run. See Up-train.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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No-load voltage of the rectifier units is 1593 V, which is distributed to the catenaries of the up-line and down-line.
Up-line rail and down-line rail are connected by cross-bonding cables at intervals of 400m~500m.
Traction currents in B1~B4 of Pazhou Station are shown in Figure 5 when a train Tr1 starts from Wanshengwei Station to Pazhou Station in up-line from 06:23:40 to 06:25:10 in December 21, 2012.
Another explosive that was planted on the Up-line tracks was detected and de-fused by the bomb squad early on Monday morning.
Agents should be demanding fundamental training from the industry-whether it's their up-line, an IMO, a carrier or other resource.
The NMO directly recruits the first employee (up-line) and delegates the recruitment of the second employee (down-line) to the first employee.
Under the NMO scheme the firm hires an up-line agent, who in turn hires a down-line agent.
Let us now assume an individual with social weight [delta] is being recruited by up-line at social distance m.
Corporate communities continue to witness one department helping another to "not be successful" through "silo management." Or the up-line manager not keeping down-line people informed, because knowledge is power.
What you can say positively about Wince is that she is well-nigh certain to stay a mile-in common with third-placed Capistrano Bay, she is by a Sharpen Up-line sire out of a 10-furlong winner.