a.1.Flung or thrown up.
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Suddenly a raised dagger gleamed in the upflung hand of the black.
First, Mitchell minutely but tellingly adjusts the angle of the upflung arms--"Tight, tight," he says.
The moon's gone: but his Sight after a few moments adjusts To the underbrush's intricacies Of shade, the high overcast's Smooth smudged charcoal, the upflung Foliate antennae edging more sharply Their arched life form, as he treads along Its track to the cliff-top, to descry The northern ness's distant chalk-face Now an almost livid non-pallor, And West the sleek panther-black sea's Slow pulse....
Beneath the glossy superstructure and the aggressive architecture, characterised by ugly concrete ramps and upflung concrete arms, lies a suppurating infrastructure, a school and welfare system in crisis.
A stallion reacts to being herded as if being brought to bay by a pack of wolves, compressing their mares and foal into a tight bunch, and then, ears back, and biting and kicking, rushing at the weakest point of the surrounding "human fence" Each attack is met by upflung arms and shouts, which holds the herd together and allows them to be slowly driven across the mountains.
Father Jerome's upflung arm protected his eyes from the splintering glass and his beard saved him a cut throat.