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A volcanic island of Samoa in the southern Pacific Ocean. It is the site of Apia, the country's capital.


(Placename) an island in the SW central Pacific, in Samoa. Chief town: Apia. Pop: 134 400 (2001). Area: 1114 sq km (430 sq miles)


(uˈpoʊ lu)

an island in Western Samoa, in the S Pacific. 114,980; 430 sq. mi. (1113 sq. km). Cap.: Apia.
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The New Zealand and Samoan teams also spent a full day in Savai'i, conducting home visits, followed by two free days on Upolo's south coast for some well-earned relaxation.
The earthquake that rocked Samoa at 0648 local time measured 8.3-magnitude on the Richter scale and subsequently generated a killer tsunami that has hit various parts of American Samoa, the south coast of Upolo (the most populated island of Samoa) and the smaller island of Manono.
The oldest flows on 'Upolo and Savai'i are the Fagaloa and Salani respectively.