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A volcanic island of Samoa in the southern Pacific Ocean. It is the site of Apia, the country's capital.


(Placename) an island in the SW central Pacific, in Samoa. Chief town: Apia. Pop: 134 400 (2001). Area: 1114 sq km (430 sq miles)


(uˈpoʊ lu)

an island in Western Samoa, in the S Pacific. 114,980; 430 sq. mi. (1113 sq. km). Cap.: Apia.
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The current project will: (i) rehabilitate three small hydropower plants (SHPs) on Upolu Island damaged by Cyclone Evan in 2012; (ii) construct three new SHPs on the islands of Upolu and Savai'i; (iii) help the implementing agency, the Electric Power Corporation (EPC), implement the project efficiently by recruiting the project owner's engineers; and (iv) provide training to the EPC on operation and maintenance of the SHPs for up to 2 years after plant commissioning.
Samoa Islands As a result of the Earthquake and Tsunami that hit the Samoa Islands on Tuesday 29th September 2009, coastal areas of Samoa sustained damages with extensive destruction mainly to the South-South Eastern coast of Upolu Island.
The owner of the Samoan resort Sea Breeze on the south side of Upolu island said they were almost washed away when the waves destroyed their resort.