Upper Palatinate

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Upper Palatinate

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Upper Palatinate

(Historical Terms) See Palatinate
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(pəˈlæt nˌeɪt, -ɪt)

1. the. German, Pfalz. either of two historic regions of Germany that constituted an electorate of the Holy Roman Empire: one (Lower Palatinate or Rhine Palatinate) is now part of Rhineland-Palatinate, and the other (Upper Palatinate) is now part of Bavaria.
2. a native or inhabitant of the Palatinate.
3. (l.c.) the territory under a palatine.
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The oldest folk play in Germany with a 500-year tradition is performed in the Upper Palatinate, specifically in Furth im Wald.
He was 85 years old:, and was the founder of Krones AG Herr Kronseder came from a family of craftsmen in Germany's Upper Palatinate. The son of a blacksmith, he served an apprenticeship in the late 1930s as an aircraft: production mechanic at Messerschmitt, During World War II, he was drafted, and finished the war as a POW.
Bavaria was allowed to retain the Upper Palatinate as a Catholic land, even though it had been formally Protestant until 1628, while the entire Habsburg hereditary lands were exempted from these arrangements, other than a few Protestant churches in Silesia left as a special concession to Saxon support during the war.
One of the walls is made of Upper Palatinate granite, and the other of larch from Bohemia.
The nine articles of this volume deal with female spirituality and the infant Jesus, Hussite popular religion, witchcraft, a witch-trial, popular beliefs and the Reformation in a German territory, private confession in Lindau, a prophet in Lubeck, popular religion and Jesuit "missionary" efforts in the Upper Palatinate, and the "converted synagogue," i.e., the development of the Judengasse to Christian quarters in cities of the Holy Roman Empire.
Outings tour the Upper Palatinate, Bavarian Forest, Upper Franconia, the opera city of Bayreuth, and the village of Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg with its national museum of steam locomotives--a permanent collection of 20 standard-gauge steam engines from every period.

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