Upper leather

the leather for the vamps and quarters of shoes.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The upper leather was unstitched and had to be sewn together.
The soles had shed themselves bit by bit, and the upper leathers had broken and burst until the very shape and form of shoes had departed from them.
One of his tricks was leaping over a canal in two bounds, without sinking or getting the upper leather of his boots wet.
It can be used, with Levotan WRP, to manufacture all types of leather requiring waterproofing especially upper leather for example hiking boots and golf shoes but with high water vapour permeability, which translates into greater wear comfort.
"In accomplishing this feat he will alight on the water and off again without wetting the upper leather of his boots.
The Florsheim's Perforato casual shoe has perforated suede upper leather laceup, soft skin lining and durable rubber outsole.
Sitting on a stool in the finished upper section of the factory floor was Gizachew Sifeta, his fingers encased in protective leather as he sewed, with great speed, an upper leather panel onto the sides of a shoe base.
In PBOS index, production of cooking oil increase 6.17% while production of tea blended increased by 1.50 %, wheat and grain milling 8.57%, upper leather 8.43%, sole leather 84.91%, footwear 17.13%, tablets 3.95%, liquids/syrups 14.82%, ointments 7.78%, toilet soaps 6.28%, sugarcane machines 43.74%, power looms 18.01%, electric bulbs 6.65 % while the production of television sets increased by 28.50 percent.
By writing this letter, within your noble responsibility and prestige, you are kindly requested to propose the EC to end the antidumping duties on Vietnam's upper leather shoes.
A clog's upper leather will expand with use and the foot will move further into the clog as the shoe is broken in.
BASF, also presented a booklet giving list of BASF Leather and Fur processing chemicals and also recipies on processing of Vegetable Upper and Nubuk Upper Leather etc.