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(Placename) a variant spelling of Uppsala


or Up•sa•la

(ˈʌp sɑ lə, -sə-, ˈʊp-)

a city in SE Sweden. 183,472.
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Noun1.Upsala - a city in east central Sweden to the northwest of StockholmUpsala - a city in east central Sweden to the northwest of Stockholm
Kingdom of Sweden, Sverige, Sweden - a Scandinavian kingdom in the eastern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula
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Elegy for Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica (top), 2015 Elegy for Upsala Glacier, Argentina (bottom), 2015 Archival inkjet prints Permanent collection of the National Academy of Sciences, gift of the artist
The tourist, who captured the incredible video, was travelling near the Upsala Glacier in Argentina.
As we near the giant Upsala Glacier, an icon of global warming for scientists, we can see large furrows on the millenary body of ice--evidence of melting.