v. i.1.To seek or strain upward.
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This is another effort on our part to continue to develop a truly wireless offering of Upseek," said Robert Colon, Founder and CEO of Upseek.
At the end of April, Upseek will be keyword searchable in 42 national languages regardless of operating system, fonts installed, and keyboard availability.
We are excited to work with Upseek and enhance the performance of its Web site," said Earl Galleher, vice president of worldwide sales and support, Akamai.
Upseek simplifies job searches by utilizing proprietary intelligent search agent technology across multiple global career and corporate sites.
This new service positions Upseek as the first and only job search engine offering this feature.
We are ecstatic to partner with Slangsoft as we continue to develop Upseek as the only truly global job search engine," said Robert Colon, Founder and CEO of Upseek.
and a leading online provider of centralized, outsourced ad management and delivery services, today announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement to provide Internet advertising delivery services for Upseek.
Under the agreement, AdForce will be the sole provider of advertising management, auditing, and delivery services for Upseek.
Upseek needs a digital advertising delivery and management infrastructure that is as versatile as our own service, aggregating information from millions of sources and delivering it to millions of viewers on the PC, hand-held, and beyond," said Robert Colon, founder and CEO of Upseek.
The Internet has become a prolific resource for job seekers, and Upseek is at the forefront of this market, a market with tremendous potential for advertisers," said Chuck Berger, CEO of AdForce.