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The practice of offering customers additional or more expensive products or services after they have already agreed to buy something.

up′sell′ v.
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estimates that Apple will generate $18B in revenues from upselling consumers to higher NAND configurations in 2019, contributing roughly 26% of total company operating profits.
SoCast's presence at the 2018 Radio Show will also include the presentation "Insights into The Art of Upselling Digital," which will be presented during the Sales Consultant Series on Wednesday, Sept.
Discussion on Services Upselling and to sell Quality Services regarding the skills to communicate with a buyer to establish a long term relationship will also be featured.
We expect to see a dramatic increase in the Waldorf Astoria's poolside F&B revenue thanks to wi-Q's multiple language capabilities, upselling features and intuitive interface.
The report said that a survey of 2,055 UK adults found that 18 to 24-year-olds were the most likely to experience upselling. As a result, they consumed 750kcal more a week and potentially gained 11lb (5 kg) a year.
That's the conclusion of consumer behaviour expert David Harvey, of the University of Huddersfield, who says the marketing ploy known as 'upselling' isn't likely to disappear soon.
Shoppers are being warned about the tactic known as "upselling" which sees shoppers encouraged to buy more than they had intended - often for a temptingly small price.
But while many people think they are getting a bargain, experts have issued a stark warning after research by a Welsh health board found eight out of 10 people experience this kind of upselling every week.
London: One in three people buys a larger coffee, more fries or added cream each week as a result of "upselling", which experts say is fuelling the obesity epidemic.
2016 was a challenging year for the High Street multiple, following a critical BBC Watchdog report on upselling, and the revelations from the Honey Rose court case.