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adv.1.Toward the higher part of a street; as, to walk upstreet.
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Poems of hers, in Marilyn Hacker's translations, have appeared in journals including Banipal, Pleiades, upstreet, and PN Review.
Recent work has appeared on the Black Earth Institute's 30 Days Hath September poetry feature curated by Patricia Spears Jones; in Poems in the Aftermath andWhat Rough Beast (both Indolent Press); Resist Much, Obey Little: Inaugural Poems to the Resistance (Dispatches Editions); and Upstreet.
She is the poetry editor of upstreet and, as a social worker, has been facilitating poetry reading and writing groups with 9/11 first responders.
Review, Upstreet, Agenda, (London), and on both National Public Radio
A Conversation with Douglas Glover" Upstreet 8 (2012).
The Massachusetts Cultural Council has designated six areas in the state as cultural districts: The Fenway Cultural District, in Boston; Rocky Neck Cultural District, in Gloucester; the Central Exchange Cultural District, in Lynn; the Upstreet Cultural District, in Pittsfield; the Rockport Cultural District; and the HyArts Cultural District, in Hyannis.
Located in the village of Upstreet, the picturesque inn is a few miles from Canterbury and Herne Bay.
She is the poetry editor of the literary annual upstreet (www.
To Vivian Dorsel, editor of upstreet (yes, with a small "u"): You expressed interest in publishing my literary survey.
If you were to take a look at upstreet, you'd see what kinds of work we publish: literary fiction, nonfiction and poetry, and an author interview in each issue.
Because Upstreet Auto tracks the user's interest in specific cars (and where they are in the purchase cycle), newspaper sites can also use the program to target ads that accurately correspond to the buyer's likely interests.
Henry Mighell Botting, Wallend Farm, Upstreet, Canterbury, Kent CT3 4DF.