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Noun1.Upupa - type genus of the UpupidaeUpupa - type genus of the Upupidae    
bird genus - a genus of birds
Euopean hoopoe, Upupa epops - pinkish-brown hoopoe with black-and-white wings
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Three living and one extinct species are recognised, though for many years all were lumped as a single species known as Upupa epops.
Coraciiformes###Upupidae###Common Hoopoe Upupa epops###YRR###LC###80###1.074835###0.091533###C
Fake Pals (added a or o required) a croc, orca --crocodile, killer whale a kaka --NZ parrot a Pipa --Surinam toad genus (W) a pup, Upupa --dog, bird genus (hoopoe, W) a tur, bruta --goat or pea, edentate (all W) baobab, a boab --two names for same tree coral, a roc --coelenterate colony, roc o, bonobo !--great ape, "pygmy chimp" o, Bubo !--horned owl genus (W) o, dodo !--famously extinct flightless bird o, galago !--bushbaby (primate, loris relative) o, Tyto !--barn owl genus (W) sumac, a Mus --see next, mouse genus (W) Finally, a couple that are not true pals but are circular pals of each other, neatly both at 32154: Musca, sumac--housefly genus (W), tree/shrub (cashew relative, one species poisonous).
Therefore diet composition and its interannual variability and the representativeness of two sampling techniques have been studied in hoopoe nestlings, Upupa epops during two breeding periods.
Pigeon pomba, pombo bravo, pombo selvagem, pomba vadia Poupa, popa Upupa epops Hoopoe Rabilongo Cyanopica cyanus Azure-winged magpie Rabirruivo, Phoenicurus spp.
For comparison, the other three kinds of birds with comparable size were also selected including Eurasian hoopoe (Upupa epops; 26 cm, 62 g) that pecks on insects inside the soil mainly, Mongolian skylark (Melanocorypha mongolica; 21cm, 66 g) does not peck as a songbird, Great Tit (Parus major) does not also peck, to be compared with woodpeckers.
Food provision to nestlings in the Hoopoe Upupa epops: implications for the conservation of a small endangered population in the Swiss Alps.