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The figure of the sacred serpent, an emblem of sovereignty depicted on the headdress of ancient Egyptian rulers and deities.

[New Latin ūraeus, from Late Greek ouraios, cobra, perhaps alteration (influenced by Greek ouraios, of the tail) of Egyptian y'rt.]


n, pl -uses
(Other Non-Christian Religions) the sacred serpent represented on the headdresses of ancient Egyptian kings and gods
[C19: from New Latin, from Greek ouraios, from Egyptian uro asp]


(yʊˈri əs)

n., pl. -us•es.
a representation of the sacred asp upon the headdress of rulers in ancient Egypt, symbolizing supreme power.
[1825–35; < New Latin < Late Greek ouraîos]
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The circlet here is crafted from a single band of sheet silver, chased with a zig-zag 'basket-weave' decoration and fronted by two separately made and engraved uraei or rearing cobras, their heads finely modelled.
The naos is filled with more traditional Egyptian funerary scenes: for example, figures adoring the uraei (scene 86d) or standing before various deities (e.
figure 5] (41) The animal is upright on a standard shaped like a sledge with two upraised uraei in front of its forepaws.
While this aspect of the building is derived from Roman architecture, the entrance to the temple is crowned with a frieze of uraei, clearly derived from Egypt.
25) Egyptian artists sometimes composed a variant scene so that the child Horus seated on a lotus is flanked by two large uraei.