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 (yo͝o-răl′ĭk) also U·ra·li·an (yo͝o-rā′lē-ən)
A language family that comprises the Finno-Ugric and Samoyedic subfamilies.

[After the Ural (Mountains).]

U·ral′ic adj.
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(yʊˈreɪ li ən, -ˈreɪl yən)

of or pertaining to the Ural Mountains.
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The European periphery of the Uralian Ocean (southern part of the vast Paleoasiatic Ocean) in the Silurian and Devonian was likely a centre of origin and distribution for many groups of benthic organisms.
Zaykov, "Origin of chromite in mafic-ultramafic-hosted hydrothermal massive sulfides from the Main Uralian Fault, South Urals, Russia," Lithos, vol.
La selection algerienne de handball des moins de 19 ans (garcons) a termine a la 23e place du championnat du monde de la categorie, a l'issue de sa victoire devant le Chili 33-24 (mi-temps : 18-8), hier, a la salle Uralian d'Ekaterinbourg (Russie), dans le cadre de la coupe du President IHF, comptant pour le classement (21e-24e places).
As these schedules were returned Morgan defined two opposing forms of kinship: first the descriptive or 'blood' ties of the Roman system, which he classified through philologist Friedrich Max Muller's linguistic schema as Aryan, Semitic and Uralian (Morgan 1871:57; Muller 1861:43; Trautmann 1987:124).
During the Permian, the Scythian belt was formed (Natal'in and Sengor, 2005), Laurasia-Kazakhstan collision produced the Uralian belt (Matte, 2002), whereas Kazakhstan and Eastern Siberia led to the Central Asian belt (Nikishin et al., 2002; Van der Voo et al, 2006), also named Altaids or Mongolian belt.
This publication is a collection of papers on Paleozoic ophiolites, which synthesize knowledge about Appalachian and Uralian massifs at that rime.
Uralian gold fills the next page in Russian gold history.