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(ʊˈrɑr tu)

an ancient kingdom near Lake Van in E Anatolia that flourished c900–600 b.c.
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Urartu, also known as the Kingdom of Van, was an ancient nation that spanned parts of modern day Turkey, Armenia and Iran.
The first group of papers discusses a cross-section of objects from the ancient Near East, especially Iran, Urartu, and Phrygia, that have been found in the Greek world.
Urartu U, 1995, Yuzme Teknik Taktik ve Kondisyon, Istanbul, Inkilap Kitapevi; 9-12.
urartu (2n=2x=14, AA) and Aegilops speltoides (2n=2x=14, SS) or analogs, which produced teraploid T.
The structure of Urartu building was made of beams and columns with marquee beds; buildings had rectangular plans and hypostyle halls were the specifications of this architecture.
The name Ararat is similar to the name Urartu, which was an Iron Age kingdom centered around Lake Van.
Derece Deprem Kusagi uzerinde yer alan ulkemizde, Tarihi Kopruler Envanterinde Aralik 2012 itibariyle donemlerine gore; yurt icinde Hitit (1), Urartu (1), Roma (128), Dogu Roma (22), Selcuklu (150), Osmanli (1280) ve Erken Cumhuriyet (64) olmak uzere toplam 1646 adet tarihi kopru bulunmaktadir.
We are planning to create a big database and to publish a number of studies concerning Urartu and its history.
In his accession year, he marched northward against Urartu (Ararat).
He says his greatest influence is the philosophy of the author Zekharia Sitchin, who wrote about the birth of civilization in the areas where the people of Sumer, Mari, Urartu and Phoenicia lived, and about a missing 12th planet in the sky.
The metallurgy and composition of this helmet have been thoroughly analyzed and published by Hermann Born and Urusula Seidl in Schutzwaffen aus Assyrien und Urartu, Sammlung Axel Guttmann, vol.
Victorious against Assyria, he conquered the northern part of Syria and made Urartu the most powerful state in the post-Hittite Near East.