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Noun1.Uria - murresUria - murres          
bird genus - a genus of birds
Alcidae, family Alcidae - web-footed diving seabirds of northern seas: auks; puffins; guillemots; murres; etc.
murre - black-and-white diving bird of northern seas
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The principal breeding seabird species at this site is the Thick-billed Murre Uria lomvia, which lays its single egg on bare rock ledges of steep cliffs.
How do I set the wheels in motion?" His mother Amanda Wright said: "Scott definitely wants children and Uria is the girl he is talking about as she was his girlfriend through what happened in Thailand.
Dans cette crise, Uria Simango etait reste soigneusement neutre, sans doute dans l'espoir de pouvoir constituer une possibilite de reconciliation autour de sa personne.
In this paper, we test predictions 1 and 2 of the Ydenberg model for Thick-billed Murres Uria lomvia and Razorbills Alca torda, two of three species of "intermediate" alcids.
Les especes qui nichent dans des terriers (macareux moine Fratercula arctica) ou sur le sol (fulmar boreal Fulmarus glacialis, goeland marin Larus marinus et goeland argente Larus argentatus) n'ont pas eu de progeniture en 2009, et le guillemot marmette (Uria aalge) de cette colonie, soit la plus volumineuse colonie de cette espece en Amerique du Nord, a enregistre une reduction du nombre d'oiseaux en nidification evaluee a 4,9 % (-19712,4 paires de reproduction).
JAIL J He will finish term at Wandsworth DAD 3 Scott with 37-year-old Thai girlfriend Uria
Er enghraifft, mae adar y mor yn cael eu diogelu ar y tir, adar fel y llurs (Alca torda, razorbill), y gwylog (Uria aalge, guillemot), y gwylog ddu (Cepphus grylle, black guillemot) a'r pal (Fratercula arctica, puffin) a'r hugan (Sula bassana, gannet), ond does 'na ddim yr un math o warchodaeth iddyn nhw allan ar y mor.
From November 2001 through January 2003, we determined the prevalence of detectable enteric fauna by isolation and characterization of Gram-negative bacteria from cloacal swabs taken from 26 common murres (Uria aalge), 49 gulls (Larus spp), and 14 other seabirds treated by rehabilitators in California and Washington (USA).
Legal advice was provided by Cuatrecasas, GonA[section sign]alves Pereira to Comsa Emte and by Uria Menendez to ACP and Bastion.
This large kittiwake colony (~ 29000 pairs; Nettleship, 1980) is situated principally on the east side of the island, on sheer, 330 m cliffs, among nesting thick-billed murres (Uria lomvia) and northern fulmars (Fulmarus glacialis).