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One of the archangels named in the Apocrypha and in Hebrew tradition.


(Judaism) one of the four chief angels in Jewish apocryphal writings


(ˈyʊər i əl)

one of the archangels. II Esdras 4.
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He drew not nigh unheard, the Angel bright, Ere he drew nigh, his radiant visage turnd, Admonisht by his eare, and strait was known Th' Arch-Angel URIEL, one of the seav'n Who in Gods presence, neerest to his Throne Stand ready at command, and are his Eyes That run through all the Heav'ns, or down to th' Earth Bear his swift errands over moist and dry, O're Sea and Land: him SATAN thus accostes;
So spake the false dissembler unperceivd; For neither Man nor Angel can discern Hypocrisie, the only evil that walks Invisible, except to God alone, By his permissive will, through Heav'n and Earth: And oft though wisdom wake, suspicion sleeps At wisdoms Gate, and to simplicitie Resigns her charge, while goodness thinks no ill Where no ill seems: Which now for once beguil'd URIEL, though Regent of the Sun, and held The sharpest sighted Spirit of all in Heav'n; Who to the fraudulent Impostor foule In his uprightness answer thus returnd.
To Uriel watching the progress of planetary history from the sun, the one result would be just as much of a coincidence as the other.
I think if we should be rapt away into all that we dream of heaven, and should converse with Gabriel and Uriel, the upper sky would be all that would remain of our furniture.
Illinois State Scholars from East Leyden: Rakan Alzagha, Jason Alzate, Moiz Araj, Leslie Arciniega, John Auge, Adeline Bieniarz, Olga Bulka, Ashley Chiu, Giovanni Diomede, Kenia Garcia, Alyssa Guillu, Sebastian Hernandez, Ariana Herrera, Aleksandra Jez, Justyna Kowalski, Jacob Lawson, Joseph Longo, Uriel Ma, Uriel Martinez, Camilla Mastela, Amy Nicholson, Matthew Ozanic, Sunny Patel, Daniel Payan, Dylan Pedersen, Isabella Pisanko, Dana Pollina, Dioco Reyes, Jessica Rivas, Jake Schwartz, Summer Sewell, Amal Sharaan, Grace Sliwinski, Bartlomiej Sniezek and Julia Danielle Uy.
Ilpi) stockholder Uriel Borja claimed that the unlawful acts committed by the senior executives of Ilpi and its subsidiary, Mapalad Energy Generating Corp.
Trending on Monday and Tuesday were T Boss and Uriel, who were at each other's throats over not liking one another.
First up will be classically trained pianist and composer Uriel Herman from Israel, who will perform on Thursday at the Windcraft Music Centre.
Atentamente, Pablo Arriero Ramirez (responsable de la publicacion), Blanca Banderas Rogel, Rene Fierro, Uriel Amaya, Margarita Molina, Ma.
com)-- With 17 yards of fabric, the Uriel Saenz ''Resist Dress" was designed in solidarity and support of the many LGBTQ people who have served proudly in the military.
Lucifer didn't want to remember what he did to Uriel, since he regrets killing him out of his anger.
En esta corriente se inscribe la presente contribucion que debemos a la magnifica labor de investigacion de la doctora Fernandez Uriel.