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A symbol in the form of a snake biting its own tail, used especially in ancient Egypt and in Hermetic philosophy as an emblem of eternity.

[Greek (drakōn) ouroboros, (serpent) eating its tail : ourā, tail; see ors- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots + -boros, eating (from bibrōskein, to eat, eat up).]
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(uːˈrɒbəˌrɒs; ˌuːrəˈbɒrəs)
(Classical Myth & Legend) an ancient mythical serpent used to symbolize perpetuity
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We can, if we like, construe them as moments in which the uroboros underlying everything is immanent in us.
(1) Les llamo articulos siguiendo el ejemplo que el propio autor coloca en El libro: "En otro articulo veremos como Aristoteles logro animales del aire", dice en "La salamandra" (102) y en una nota a pie de "El zaratan" escribe: "Vease el articulo El uroboros, pp.
The circular, uroboros shape of the pose in which the lovers were captured suggests the infinite unification of the divine with the human world.
El astronomo Juan Perez Mercader siempre nos recomienda tener en cuenta el mito Uroboros (Perez Mercader, 2000).
As the "hoop-snake" or ancient uroboros, (10) the serpent represents the cycle of life and death, and we might postulate several other symbolic readings in this text, from male sexuality to female knowledge and power (Elijah's first frightening encounter with a snake occurs when his mother is holding one; her own mother's arm is described as "uncoil[ing] like a rattling-snake" [209]).
Officials with Uroboros Glass Studio declined to comment.
The company says that the key weapons used are Trojan.Wipbot and Trojan.Turla, the latter also going by other names including Snake, Uroboros and Carbon.