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Noun1.Uropygi - whip scorpionsUropygi - whip scorpions      
animal order - the order of animals
Arachnida, class Arachnida - a large class of arthropods including spiders and ticks and scorpions and daddy longlegs; have four pairs of walking legs and no wings
whip scorpion, whip-scorpion - nonvenomous arachnid that resembles a scorpion and that has a long thin tail without a stinger
genus Mastigoproctus, Mastigoproctus - giant whip scorpions
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It is not impossible that this uropygid gland opening is homologous to the "pit organ" or the "plate organ," two sculptured pore-like structures commonly found in sensory first tarsi of amblypygids, also with unknown function (Weygoldt 2000).
Amblypygids, uropygids, and schizomids apparently lack EPS.
Although arachnid sociality at all levels of complexity is uncommon, sociality has been applied to describe behaviors ranging from transient early parental care (Laniatores opilionids: Machado & Raimundo 2001; Machado 2002; Uropygids: Schmidt 2003), to "subsocial" mother-offspring-sibling associations that last for brief periods (spiders: Kim 2000; Schneider 1995; scorpions: Polis & Lourenco 1986), "subsocial" associations that last until sexual maturity (spider mites: Saito 1997; Mori & Saito 2005; amblypygids: this manuscript), to the complex multiple adult societies of the most social of the colonial and cooperative spiders (reviews in Buskirk 1981; Aviles 1997; Whitehouse & Lubin 2005) (see Tables 1-3 for details).