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The nurse provided comfort measures as well as medications (citrate of potash, spirits of nitre, and urotropine) for the two weeks, during which time he had 22 convulsions, which decreased in number and intensity as the days passed.
Graphite powder, potassium permanganate (KMn[O.sub.4]), iron (II) chloride tetrahydrate (Fe[Cl.sub.2]-4[H.sub.2]O), sodium acetate (NaC[H.sub.3]COO), sodium citrate ([Na.sub.3][C.sub.6][H.sub.5][O.sub.7]), sodium dihydrogen phosphate (Na[H.sub.2]P[O.sub.4]), sodium hydrogen phosphate ([Na.sub.2]HP[O.sub.4]), acetic acid (C[H.sub.3]COOH), ascorbic acid ([C.sub.6][H.sub.8][O.sub.6]), citric acid ([C.sub.6][H.sub.8][O.sub.7]), boric acid ([H.sub.3]B[O.sub.3]), ammonia solution (NH4OH, 25%), Nafion ([C.sub.7]H[F.sub.13][O.sub.5]S x [C.sub.2][F.sub.4], 5%), hexamethylene tetramine (urotropine) ([(C[H.sub.2]).sub.6][N.sub.4]), and paracetamol ([C.sub.8][H.sub.9]N[O.sub.2]) were purchased from Merck Company (Germany).
After the experiment, the extracted specimen was pickled in a mixture containing hydrogen chloride (HCl) 500 ml, urotropine 20 g, and water ([H.sub.2]O) 500 ml for 10 min at room temperature, then cleaned with water, dried at 105.
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