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(Biography) Saint. a legendary British princess of the fourth or fifth century ad, said to have been martyred together with 11 000 virgins by the Huns at Cologne. Feast day: Oct 21


(ˈɜr sə lə)

Saint, a legendary British princess who, with 11,000 virgins, is said to have been martyred by the Huns at Cologne.
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That's just what Ursula Townley said when her father locked her in her room the night she was going to run away with Kenneth MacNair," said the Story Girl.
Kenneth MacNair was a first cousin of the Awkward Man's grandfather, and Ursula Townley was the belle of the Island in her day.
He said he wrote a little of everything in it; and then I begged him to read me something out of it, and he read me the story of Ursula and Kenneth.
Ursula, that he would not omit to do a good turn to a son-in-law of Timpson's, for Timpson was one of the most useful and influential men in the parish, and had a good deal of business, which he knew how to put into the right hands.
GRATEFUL pensioner Ursula Scott says she's lucky to be alive after she was dragged from her burning car by a passer-by.
Baghdad / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / - German Defense Minister Ursula Von Der Lien arrived in the Kurdistan region after an official visit to the capital Baghdad.
TRAGIC schoolgirl Ursula Keogh texted her mum to say "I love you but so sorry" on the day of her death, an inquest heard.
Notes found after Ursula Keogh's death "indicated suicide ideation", the court was told.
That is until you realise Ursula Starr is talking about the career she's enjoyed for the best part of 40 years.
Ursula Corbero se ha escapado con su novio, Chino Darin, y la familia de este, hasta Miami.
Ursula here stop working-like on the feast day of their patron saint every Oct.
Two employment agencies (EAs), namely Jen's Employment Agency Limited (Jen's) (located in Tsuen Wan) and Ursula Advanced Employment Center (Ursula) (located in Causeway Bay) were convicted for overcharging foreign domestic workers (FDHs) in the past two days.