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Noun1.Urticaceae - a family of plants of order Urticales including many nettles with stinging hairsUrticaceae - a family of plants of order Urticales including many nettles with stinging hairs
dicot family, magnoliopsid family - family of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
order Urticales, Urticales - an order of dicotyledonous plants including Moraceae and Urticaceae and Ulmaceae
genus Urtica, Urtica - a nettle yielding fiber resembling flax
Boehmeria, genus Boehmeria - false nettle
genus Helxine, genus Soleirolia, Helxine, Soleirolia - one species; a dwarf creeping mat-forming evergreen herb
genus Laportea, Laportea - mostly tropical stinging herbs or trees: nettle
genus Parietaria, Parietaria - small genus of stingless herbs
genus Pilea, Pilea - low-growing tropical perennials grown for their stingless foliage
genus Pipturus, Pipturus - an Australian genus of woody plants of the family Urticaceae
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The Cannabaceae are closely related to the Urticaceae and Moraceae, and have sometimes been put in the latter families.
1, 16 URTICACEAE (Nettle Family) Boehmeria cylindrica (L.
visco 1 Fabaceae Allophylus edulis 21 Sapindaceae Celtis spinosa 1 Celtidaceae Condalia buxifolia 3 Rhamnaceae Enterolobium contortisiliquum 1 Fabaceae Eugenia uniflora 1 Myrtaceae Gleditsia amorphoides 2 Fabaceae Nectandra pichurim 1 Lauraceae Pogonopus tubulosus 1 Rubiaceae Sambucus peruviana 2 Adoxaceae Scutia buxifolia 5 Rhamnaceae Sideroxylon obtusifolium 1 Sapotaceae Urera caracasana 2 Urticaceae Vassobia breviilora 1 Solanaceae Xylosma pubescens 1 Salicaceae Unidentified bromeliad 9 Bromeliaceae Unidentified fern 1 Unidentified moss 2 Unidentified Myrtaceae 2 Myrtaceae Unidentified vine 4 Total 65 TABLE 2.
Studies on the antifungal properties of Urtica dioica; Urticaceae (stingin nettle).
Os morcegos frugivoros podem se alimentar de frutos de especies pioneiras de plantas pertencentes as familias Urticaceae, Moraceae, Piperaceae, Solanaceae, entre outras.
B, C, P, S N 4358 Sutton [Texas toad-flax] Solanaceae Datura wrightii Regel [Sacred Ha, Ho N 4362 datura] Urticaceae Parietaria pensylvanica Muhl.
Keywords: Urtica fissa: Urticaceae family: Crude polysaccharide fraction: Prostate hyperplasia; Castrated rat
The fertile alluvial soils support plant communities with high abundance of Arecaceae, Heliconiaceae, Marantaceae and Urticaceae.