user group

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(or us′er's) group`,

a club for the exchange of information and services among computer users.
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Off-site and distance learning is delivered via video Webcasts or at regional/local user group meetings.
An unintended consequence of the City's library policy that all children over the age of seven may use library facilities and attend children's programs without a caregiver may be the reason for an increase in this user group. The two-story design of the library may also contribute to the "unattended child" problem since most college materials are located upstairs while the children's area is downstairs.
While a not-for-profit, industry-spanning user group is a laudable aim, its creation underlines one of the problems facing any user group: its power is dependent entirely on users uniting.
As business applications, user groups and locations become more tightly integrated, SAN islands no longer reflect the ways these networks are actually used.
* Unique interface and modules provide specific functionality for each user group. Each group completes an independent evaluation of the organization's entities.
Improved planning and better use of evaluations result in more effective strategies for content delivery, improved training for instructional techniques, and increased ability to target new user groups for effective instruction.
"ConfigSENTRY lets customers define user groups with different privileges and access rights for groups of devices.
REPRESENTATIVES from 35 wheelchair user groups will be travelling from as far away as Cornwall and Teesside to attend a conference at the Coventry National Hilton Hotel, Walsgrave, next week.
But like families, user groups have wrinkles and warts.
The East Stroudsburg University Department of Secondary Education established an Internet user group for student teachers to communicate with peers and university professors via electronic mail.
The User Group has warned that 'information overload' is growing so fast in companies that it could be a threat to the economy.
There should be some grafting of association and user group activities where there are shared interests.