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 (ŭs′nē-ə, ŭz′-)
Any of various widely distributed lichens of the genus Usnea, characterized by a pendulous, usually branched thallus, often growing on trees.

[From Arabic 'ušna, moss; akin to Persian ušna.]
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(Plants) a lichen that hangs from tree branches. Also called: old man's beard
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(ˈʌs ni ə)

n., pl. -ne•as.
any pale green or gray, mosslike lichen of the genus Usnea, common on rocks and trees.
[1590–1600; < New Latin, Medieval Latin < Arabic or Persian ushnah]
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Noun1.usnea - widely distributed lichens usually having a greyish or yellow pendulous freely branched thallusUsnea - widely distributed lichens usually having a greyish or yellow pendulous freely branched thallus
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
family Usneaceae, Usneaceae - fruticose lichens having prostrate or erect or pendulous thalli: genera Usnea, Evernia, Ramalina, Alectoria
beard lichen, beard moss, Usnea barbata - greenish grey pendulous lichen growing on trees
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All day the sun has shone on the surface of some savage swamp, where the single spruce stands hung with usnea lichens, and small hawks circulate above, and the chickadee lisps amid the evergreens, and the partridge and rabbit skulk beneath; but now a more dismal and fitting day dawns, and a different race of creatures awakes to express the meaning of Nature there.
The use of usnea barbata extract and salvia officinalis leaf extract is a case in point.
It has extracts from natural ingredients such as Japanese Pepper, Korean Pasque Flower and Usnea Barbata.
Phillipe Clerc, Curator of the herbarium at the Conservatoire et Jardin Botaniques (CJB) of Geneve, specialist in the identification of Usnea, for the identification of Usnea esperantiana.
Comparison among air pollutants, meteorological conditions and some chemical in the transplanted lichen Usnea amblyoclada.
Generally, fruticose lichens such as members of the genera Ramalina and Usnea are considered to be sensitive to air pollution (Will-Wolf et al.
Ceker, "Protective activity of the methanol extract of Usnea longissima against oxidative damage and genotoxicity caused by aflatoxin B_1 in vitro," Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences, vol.