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Noun1.Ustilaginales - parasitic fungi causing smuts; sometimes placed in class Tiliomycetes
fungus order - the order of fungi
Basidiomycota, Basidiomycotina, subdivision Basidiomycota, subdivision Basidiomycotina - comprises fungi bearing the spores on a basidium; includes Gasteromycetes (puffballs) and Tiliomycetes comprising the orders Ustilaginales (smuts) and Uredinales (rusts) and Hymenomycetes (mushrooms, toadstools, agarics and bracket fungi); in some classification systems considered a division of kingdom Fungi
smut fungus, smut - any fungus of the order Ustilaginales
family Ustilaginaceae, Ustilaginaceae - a fungus family of loose smuts
family Tilletiaceae, Tilletiaceae - a family of smut fungi having a simple promycelium bearing the spores in an apical cluster
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Ust, Ustilaginales; Tre, Tremellales; Aur, Auriculariales; P ol, Polyporales; Aga, Agaricales; Asc, Ascomycota; Bas, Basidiomycota.
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Within Basidiomycota, the predominant classes were Agaricomycetes and Ustilaginomycetes, with the latter consisting almost exclusively the orders Ustilaginales and the genus Ustilaginaceae.
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