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Noun1.Uut - a radioactive transuranic element
chemical element, element - any of the more than 100 known substances (of which 92 occur naturally) that cannot be separated into simpler substances and that singly or in combination constitute all matter
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Other important information includes several PVR measurements, patient symptoms (recurrent UTIs, cystolithiasis, incontinence, etc), and risk of UUT deterioration and bladder capacity, as evaluated by urodynamic study (UDS) or voiding diary.
All mentioned test methods have "in-the-Loop" in common, which means that the reaction of the UuT influences the plant simulation.
irrelevant FMMC of InGaAsP devices caused by ART temperature; devices burned by power supply voltage spikes or by UUT wrong insertion polarity).
Considering radiation exposure, quickness, and cost, USG should be recommended first for the detection of UUT obstruction.
Upon the conclusion of this study, the results suggested that the performing of mundane tasks in their 12-minute break allowed the test subjects to come up with more creative answers to UUT questions, as compared to the questions before the break.
For the Uut Danum, Courdec reports that becoming an ancestor is often attributed to breaking taboos or "trespassing a spirit domain" (p.
The Murung, with whom they are often conflated (as I will discuss below), live to their east, the Uut Danum to their north and west, and the Kapuas/Kahayan to their south.
ij'in}' dirertiir Joel Brandon -Bravo sstys: "In recent months, exceptional deals to Caribbean destinations have teen luxury all-inclusive packages starting below PS 1,000" Check uut the Caribbean Tourism Organisation website vmvtv.
In addition to words containing a single stop, Q2 also allows words containing a geminate such as uut.
11) reported that in patients undergoing cystectomy, the incidence of UUT TCC was higher among cases with bladder CIS (8 of 46, 17.