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a.1.(Chem.) Pertaining to, or obtained from, grapes; specifically, designating an organic acid, C7H8O3 (also called pyrotritartaric acid), obtained as a white crystalline substance by the decomposition of tartaric and pyrotartaric acids.
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Until someone comes up with a way to make the hare line recede, UVic students and administrators will just have to hope for a hoppy ending.
Rather than having UVic compete with large institutions that can mount full-scale operas, Butterfield envisions a one-on-one voice atelier, with the art song as the primary teaching tool.
Prizes were awarded to students Michael Jones and Ryan Roberts, both of SFU and Emma Nicholls-Allison and Jessamyn Logan, both of UVic.
The interactive, hands-on presentations were curriculum-linked, collaboratively developed, and carried out mainly by UVic undergraduate students (Fig.
The team lineup includes a dozen young athletes from across the country including star player David Moonlight with the UVic Club who is from Whitby, Ontario and Jim Douglas of the Ravens RFC who hails from Kelowna, BC.
After bringing the cable end to shore and connecting it to the shore station purchased by UVic in 2006, the ship went on a 7-week cruise installing the 800 km cable ring, which constitutes the basis of a system that brings power and Internet to the seafloor.
The Faculty of Human and Social Development traditionally has had the highest number of Indigenous students at UVic, as well as the highest number of Indigenous faculty.
I am delighted that UVic has been able to attract a scholar of Professor Hopkins' calibre to carry out the wide-ranging goals of this position," said University of Victoria President David Turpin.
Aboriginal architect Alfred Waugh of Vancouver has designed a Salish long house style building, a "physical manifestation of the university's commitment to making UVic more accessible to Aboriginal students," said university President David Turpin.
The work is coordinated with the VENUS Project, a shallow-water, coastal observatory in southern BC whose installation has been funded for 2002-06 and also lead by UVic (www.
The weekend got off to a brilliant start on Friday afternoon with the mini-conference, the focus of which was a symposium presented by five UVic chemistry alumni.