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Variant of Uyghur.
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or Ui•gur or Uy•ghur


n., pl. -ghurs or -gurs, (esp. collectively) -ghur or -gur.
1. a member of a Turkic people of Central Asia, living mainly in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of W China.
2. the language of the Uighurs.
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Noun1.Uighur - a member of a people who speak Uighur and live in Xinjiang and adjacent areas
Sinkiang, Xinjiang, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region - an autonomous province in far northwestern China on the border with Mongolia and Kazakhstan; the largest province in the People's Republic of China and the homeland of the Uighur people
Turki - any member of the peoples speaking a Turkic language
2.Uighur - the Turkic language spoken by approximately 7,000,000 Uighur in extreme northwestern China
Turkic, Turkic language, Turko-Tatar, Turki - a subfamily of Altaic languages
3.Uighur - the script (derived from Aramaic) used to write the Uighur language
script - a particular orthography or writing system
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China has established concentration camps in Xinjiang province, which the CCP refers to as 're-education centers' that offer 'job training' to local Uyghur people. Many reports have shown that China exaggerates the threat of Muslim extremism in the region as an excuse to suppress the Uyghur population.
In response, a non-profit organization for Muslims, Khadija Leadership Network asked for the money to be returned to go to the prosecuted Uyghur people in China.
If I want to be honest and coherent as an aspiring human rights advocate, I should not stay silent for any longer on what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been doing to the Uyghur people. As a Yale Law student, I have brainstormed novel legal theories to promote human rights along with my peers.
"The Uyghur people have been enduring unparalleled suffering, in a large part due to the fact that most are Muslims.
The Uyghur people are suffering from economic, cultural, social and religious restrictions by China's Communist Party".
Since 2014, Xinjiang authorities have sent 200,000 cadres from government agencies, state-owned enterprises, and public institutions to regularly visit and surveil the Uyghur people. Cadres also carry out political indoctrination, including promoting "Xi Jinping Thought" and explaining the Chinese Communist Party's "care" and "selflessness" in its policies toward Xinjiang.
Dilxat Raxit, a spokesman for the human rights group, the World Uyghur Congress said people in several regions had been notified that all Uyghur people must hand over all religious items related to Islam - including copies of the Qur'an and prayer mats.
The shrines, known as mazars were built by the Uyghur people to commemorate Sufi saints, and many have been maintained continuously for several centuries.
Uyghur people were younger than Han people on average (47.02 years versus 55.05 years) and the dialysis vintage was significantly shorter in Uyghur people compared to Han (2.99 years versus 3.44 years).
Any form of dissent and demand by the Uyghur people was perceived as a security issue and security forces started to play a major role in the handling of the ethnic conflict file.
Even if the parties discuss the status of the Uyghur people in bilateral meetings, Erdoy-an's actual goal is to visit G20 countries before the G20 summit in Turkey in the fall.
A cross-sectional study was conducted among Uyghur people in physical examination group of Urumqi (China) to evaluate the relationship between the SUA level and NAFLD.