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Adj.1.Uzbekistani - of or relating to or characteristic of Uzbekistan or its people or culture
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It goes upto `15,000-`20,000 for the whole night," the agent said, sharing pictures of eight Russian and Uzbekistani girls.
for bribing Uzbekistani officials during a pipeline bidding process in exchange for Tenaris's payment of $5.
Remember the disappearance of Sudan's presidential plane in June 2011, over Uzbekistani air space when the president was forced to re-route his way to China.
HM King thanked by Kazakhstani, Uzbekistani Presidents.
The Uzbekistani authorities, who have long ignored the UN's overtures on human rights, must also pledge immediate and urgent reforms to end torture and the myriad of other abuses condoned by the government," said in the statement.
Earlier on Monday, the Kuwaiti delegation held talks with a number of Uzbekistani counterparts as part of the official two-day visit to the Central Asian country.
In 2014, Uzbekistani law enforcement and border control agencies used U.
Most leaders and members of these organizations are of Saudi, Qatari, Chechen, Turkish, Uzbekistani and other foreign nationalities who infiltrated the Turkish border into Syria.
Henrique Luvannor made it 3-1 in the 76th minute and Uzbekistani midfielder Azizbek Hydarov wrapped up the points in injury time.
He also praised the exhibition organized by the Sultanate in Uzbekistan as it left a remarkable impression among the Uzbekistani people over the Sultanate's cultural and historic potentials.
A day earlier, Kunduz Governor Ghulam Sakhi Baghlani and residents said a large number of Tajikistani, Uzbekistani, Chechen and other foreign militants had sneaked into Dasht-i-Archi to disrupt the polls.
In Uzbekistan, Deputy Secretary Burns will meet with senior Uzbekistani officials to discuss a range of issues of mutual interest, including Afghanistan, regional politics, economics, and human dimension issues.