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The engineering of both the V-1 (168 attacks) and V-2 fascinated me post-war.
Simons, designed a seat in the nose cone of a V-2 rocket to fit a monkey attached to instruments that measured blood pressure, pulse and respirations.
Wernher von Braun is America's unlikely hero -- unlikely because he helped develop the Nazis' V-2 rocket.
It had its genesis in the MX-774B program, an effort built on the V-2 but improved considerably beyond it by the Air Force.
There prisoners were put to work in a huge underground factory, building V-2 rockets.
One problem was that Goddard generally worked alone, while the Germans, who by 1944 would be firing the large V-2 rocket hundreds of miles, had entire engineering teams working on each component.
named Tyrone Slothrop who appears to have erections when he is in parts of London that the V-2 eventually hits, is complicated by so many subplots that it is difficult to ascertain what happens to this boob-hero or what his denouncement might mean.
The V-2 rockets were launched from deep inside occupied countries from mobile launchers.
Army began launching reassembled V-2 rockets, and American rockets, from White Sands in New Mexico.
Particularly chilling is the author's account of the V-1 bombs and V-2 rockets that regularly passed overhead, and which hit London, where the author was evacuated after being wounded.
the products can be customized to meet UL 94V-0 or V-2 or IEC 695-2-1 Glow Wire test commonly required for the European market.
Just 25 years later, bombers and the notorious V-1 and V-2 rockets pummeled the city of 10 million with terror.