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Noun1.Department of Veterans Affairs - the United States federal department responsible for the interests of military veteransDepartment of Veterans Affairs - the United States federal department responsible for the interests of military veterans; created in 1989
executive department - a federal department in the executive branch of the government of the United States
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A VA mortgage loan (Veterans Administration home loan) is a military benefit enabling eligible users to buy or construct a home or refinance an existing home mortgage, with no money down, affordable rates and financing up to USD 453,100 - more in certain high-cost areas like New York City.
Amanda Andrade is the Chief People Officer for Veterans United Home Loans (VU), the number one VA mortgage lender in the nation.
Household survey data from the 2016 Survey of Consumer Finances indicate that borrowers with mortgages from nonbanks have higher loan-to-value ratios and higher debt-service-to-income (DTI) ratios than borrowers with mortgages from banks within both the FHA or VA mortgage category and the non-FHA and non-VA mortgage category (table 5).
And there are many other benefits to the VA mortgage that you won't find anywhere else.
Most Realtors know about the VA mortgage, but the USDA Home Loan allowed me to market a new product that allows for 100 percent financing and all closing costs paid by the seller.
Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) helps veterans obtain mortgages through a new partnership with VA Mortgage (VAMC).
The central premise of this study is that the insurance premiums and fees associated with the use of a FHA or VA mortgage would dampen buyer reservation prices (or bids) and ultimately motivate the seller to accept price discounts.
Figure 9 presents estimates of the number of FHA and VA mortgage originations in metropolitan areas as a fraction of all originations separately by race.
Examiners also noted that, in 1996, SIS Bank made 21 mortgage loans, totaling more than $2 million, in a VA mortgage program that provides 100 percent financing to eligible veterans.
In this age of government downsizing, can we be assured that the FHA and VA mortgage insurance and guaranty programs will remain intact under your administration?
Amerifirst Home Mortgage is a community mortgage banker with a team of over 600 professionals who offers a full line of mortgage products including FHA loans, VA mortgage loans, USDA Rural Development loans, renovation loans and conventional lending.
A higher fraction of these VA cohorts, though, transition to renting after paying off their VA mortgage. Consequently, around 20 percent of households in these two VA cohorts fail to sustain their homeownership experience.