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n. Informal
Variant of vacay.
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in setting fracing records at the Vaca Muerta Formation in the Neuquen Basin in northern Patagonia, Argentina.
-- Project will promote Vaca Muerta Shale field development in The Neuquen region of Argentina
Upon closing of the transaction, expected to occur in July, Aleph plans to start funding the construction of infrastructure necessary to provide gathering, processing, and evacuation midstream services to oil and gas producers in Vaca Muerta.
It was Vaca's varsity pitching debut and the possibility of it had him "through the roof" with anticipation during the school day, he said.
"The port of Bahia Blanca is a natural fit for us, since we are currently moving heavy oil field equipment for customers through the port and into Vaca Muerta," said Reiner Wiederkehr, CEO Fracht USA.
Nina Vaca is Chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Group, the fastest-growing woman-owned company in the country.
In the novel's mise-en-scene, an elderly, transculturated Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, having survived the shipwreck of the Panfilo de Narvaez expedition to La Florida in 1527, eight years living among Native Americans, and an unsuccessful stint as governor of Rio de la Plata, is now retired and living in Seville when he comes upon an official map of the Florida region newly placed in the library of the Torre de Fadrique.
Furthermore, this study investigates the expression of vacA protein in gastritis cases using immunohistochemistry staining method.
"You wouldn't find these last two very easy in the world and our reserves look to be like very relevant." Hernandez also highlighted Qatar's investments in Argentina, which are mainly related to the shale oil deposit of Vaca Muerta.
Vaca assists in handling matters related to general liability, first party property insurance defense, commercial, intellectual property and criminal defense.
Each of the recipients had more than 60 hours of lectures in the past three years, the VACA said.
Juan Jose Aranguren, who was replaced as Argentina's energy minister, said last week the investment by small- and medium-sized companies was essential to reduce costs at Vaca Muerta to unlock Argentina's shale potential.