Visual Basic

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Vis′ual Ba′sic

Trademark. a computer programming language, a descendant of BASIC, that provides a graphical or visual programming environment and is used primarily to develop user interfaces.
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Network of Experts on the Situation of Women in the Labour Market: Synthesis Report, Commission of the European Communities, Equal Opportunities Unit - DG VB4.
PNC Mortgage Securities Corporation, mortgage pass-through certificates, series 1998-1 Group 5 --Class VB1 to 'AAA' from 'AA'; --Class VB2 to 'AAA' from 'A'; --Class VB3 to 'AA' from 'BBB'; --Class VB4 to 'AA-' from 'BB'; --Class VB5 to 'A' from 'B'.
VZ is the subject of a control system upgrade VB3, VB4, FGD and private consumption, which includes 1.
618 relatives and friends to visit Floria VB4 Floria showcase indirectly .
Commenting on the new release, TVObjects founder and CEO Andy Goren stated, "Just as the introduction of VB4 Professional and Enterprise versions positioned Visual Basic as a true enterprise-level client/server development environment, VBnet advances VB4 as a robust Internet client/server application development tool.
Visual Basic forms are associated with ERD entities that define database tables and VB4 data-bound controls are associated with column definitions.
0 builds upon PowerPak Professional Edition (which began shipping for VB4 in March) with additional tools and components, for large-scale application development.
Before we transitioned our applications to VB4 we used to spend months trying to update the communication modules between the client and server, but with PDQComm and VB4 we are able to update our information in less than two weeks.
With this announcement, we are confirming that we are there first, with VB4 products that are available now, packaged for maximum flexibility, and with enterprise-capable support to make the transition from VB3 to VB4 smoother.
Division of Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ:PRGS) today announced at VBITS/ Orlando its VB4 Plus Pak, a collection of Visual Basicr development tools, OCX controls, and written guides designed to aid Visual Basic developers' rapid transition to Visual Basic 4.