Visual Basic

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Vis′ual Ba′sic

Trademark. a computer programming language, a descendant of BASIC, that provides a graphical or visual programming environment and is used primarily to develop user interfaces.
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0, McAfee is one of the industry's first anti-virus software vendors to protect against Office 97 macro viruses and other viruses written in Microsoft's new VB5 scripting language.
The VB Migration Assistant works with VB5 and VB6 projects, and is available for download now at http://www.
PNC Mortgage Securities Corporation, mortgage pass-through certificates, series 1998-1 Group 5 --Class VB1 to 'AAA' from 'AA'; --Class VB2 to 'AAA' from 'A'; --Class VB3 to 'AA' from 'BBB'; --Class VB4 to 'AA-' from 'BB'; --Class VB5 to 'A' from 'B'.