Visual Basic

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Vis′ual Ba′sic

Trademark. a computer programming language, a descendant of BASIC, that provides a graphical or visual programming environment and is used primarily to develop user interfaces.
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As paisagens que apresentam os menores valores para AREA_MN sao aquelas com maior densidade de fragmentos, sendo elas: VN (AREA_MN = 7,66; NP = I, 99 fragmentos/100 ha); VB1 (AREA_MN = 8,62; NP = 1,84 fragmentos/100 ha); VB5 (AREA_MN = II, 67; NP = 1,49 fragmentos/100 ha) e VA (AREA_ MN = 15,75; NP = 1,15 fragmentos/100 ha).
68 remind us to take care of environment VB5 I am willing to used recycle .