crystal oscillator

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Noun1.crystal oscillator - an oscillator that produces electrical oscillations at a frequency determined by the physical characteristics of a piezoelectric quartz crystal
oscillator - generator that produces sonic oscillations or alternating current
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Probably because the health and wellness consciousness that is sweeping the United States and other countries is favoring VCO over other alternatives.
In frequency generation applications for wireless and industrial applications, where VCO phase-noise performance plays a pivotal role in determining the overall system performance of the RF signal transmission and receive, the choice of PLL synthesizer for the RF local oscillator (LO) is a key system design consideration.
The last component of the proposed LC VCO is the current control block.
We build on this research with a study of VCO purchasing behavior among trail runners in the U.
The later structure is a popular configuration employed in the VCO design since it provides higher trans-conductance at a given current, which results in faster switching and larger output amplitude [3].
BSNL is planning to convert 770 PCOs into VCOs initially.
Some of the VCOs will be equipped with medical devices for remote diagnosis of patients, while many other services have been lined up for near future.
CEO Dr Syed Sajjad Haider and President VCO Dr Mohsin Ali Bhatti also spoke on the occasion.
In this paper, we proposed a wideband VCO design technique by using dual LC tanks, which are coupled each other through strong magnetic coupling of the transformer.
Designed with GaAs MMIC technology, the new ADF55xx VCOs utilize a push-push VCO architecture which can generate both the main output as well as the half-frequency output.
The enterprise will initially market its VCO as raw material for the manufacture of cosmetics and personal care products, and for (topical) use in health and wellness applications.
4 million or about P260 million, three months before an organization of American heart doctors advised against VCO in one's diet.