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n. cistouretrografía, radiografía de la vejiga y la uretra.
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Thirdly, the VCUG is technically difficult in paediatric patients, with voiding films not easily obtained and often performed with the urinary catheter in situ.
She was seen previously by urology years before at another institution and had multiple investigations including uroflowmetry, renal US and VCUGs, all of which revealed a normal left and dysplastic right kidney.
The study group was selected from patients with primary high-grade vesicoureteral reflux (grade IV or V) diagnosed by VCUG (X-ray contrast) with various complaints.
A VCUG was performed six weeks after the surgery that showed normal bladder and urethra with acceptable voiding per urethra (Figure 3).
Invasive methods to assess maximal urinary bladder capacity include VCUG, urodynamics, and uroflowmetry.
Pawelec et al., "Two-dimensional (2D), three-dimensional static (3D) and realtime (4D) contrast enhanced voiding urosonography (ceVUS) versus voiding cystourethrography (VCUG) in children with vesicoureteral reflux," European Journal of Radiology, vol.
Although previous studies have recommended performing VCUG along with Ultrasound in the postnatal period in all patients with antenatally diagnosed HN, this recommendation has not been put into widespread clinical practice.22 At this time, we cannot recommend the routine use of VCUG, as 4.8-11.3% of the patients reported in this series experienced mild VUR that healed spontaneously.
VCUG was performed in 66 (43.7%) and was diagnosed as normal in 52 (78.8%); VUR of degrees IV-V was found in three patients.
The postoperative follow-up at 6 months included assessment of the surgery outcomes, IVP, VCUG, and ultrasonography.
There were no obstructive uropathies that were diagnosed by VCUG in patients with a normal renal ultrasound," she said.
Renal scan showed obstruction in 11 equivocal in 12 and non obstructed in 14 cases.The causes of prenatal hydronephrosis were defined after serial ultrasounds renal scans and VCUG. The causes were physiological/ transient in 44 PUJ obstruction 11 primary vesicouretric reflux 5 and posterior urethral valve 4 cases.Of 5 patients having primary vesicouretric reflux 3 had grade III and 2 grade IV reflux.Definitive surgery was performed in 15 cases Out of these; 11 patients under went open pyeloplasty in mean time of 6 months and 4 patients with posterior urethral valves initially underwent vesicostomy on 14th day and later posterior valve fulguration at 18 months.