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Noun1.very important person - an important or influential (and often overbearing) personvery important person - an important or influential (and often overbearing) person
important person, influential person, personage - a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events
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The entrance ticket is Rwf 15,000 in VIP seats booked earlier while the price will increase to Rwf 20,000 on the same day of the concert.
The new Sabah Al-Salem stadium contains 30 thousand shaded seats, 333 VIP seats, 76 seats for media personnel, 390 seats for the disabled, and 654 cabin seats.
For added comfort, MAX has spacious VIP seats with armrests, side tables and extra legroom.
Items on the list up for grabs include VIP seats at London Fashion Week and a holiday in Thailand - with a pool party stop-over in Dubai.
The first aircraft to be operated by the airline, a Next-Generation Boeing 737-700C series airliner, exhibits advanced performance and operational efficiency while offering two distinct interior configurations: 36 all-leather VIP seats, including 8 convert-to-lay-down-beds; and a higher-density version utilizing up to 94 all-leather VIP seats.
Tickets are priced at BD15 for general seating, BD20 for courtside and BD25 for VIP seats.
VIP seats plus tickets to the Pit Party which lets you meet the drivers and get up close to the Monster Jam trucks.
Fans have to dole out a handful if they want to get the premium seats in the house, with the VIP seats going as high as P14,000 in the final round.
Best loved for tracks like "Waiting All Night" and "Lay It All On Me", Rudimental will be rockin' the night away for the small cost of $68 to $135 for the VIP seats, a small price to pay for a performance that'll surely be epic.
Individual tickets for $10 and $40 VIP seats including dinner, drinks and time with the participants are available by calling 732-901-7000 or at
Remaining tickets are limited for this event due to high demand pre-sales, Front Row ground floor VIP seats selling out within minutes.