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 (vī′tə, vē′-)
n. pl. vi·tae (vī′tē, vē′tī)
1. A curriculum vitae.
2. A short account of a person's life.

[Latin vīta, life; see vital.]
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(ˈviːtə; ˈvaɪ-)
n, pl vitae (ˈviːtaɪ; ˈvaɪtiː)
(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) US and Canadian a less common term for curriculum vitae
[from Latin: life]
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curric′ulum vi′tae

(ˈvaɪ ti, ˈvi taɪ, ˈwi taɪ)

n., pl. curricula vitae.
a brief biographical résumé of one's career and training, as prepared by a person applying for a job.
[1900–05; < Latin: course of a life]
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(3) Some SSOs, such as VMEbus International Trade Association (VITA) and IEEE, have adopted provisions for patent owners to make more rate-specific assurances about future royalty rates as a way to further combat the problem of patent hold-up.
<p>Provider of embedded computing and I/O solutions for mission-critical industrial, mobile and harsh environment applications MEN Micro Inc on Friday announced it is now offering the 6U FPGA-based, triple redundant A602 64-bit VMEbus single board computer (SBC).</p><p>The SBC employees a lock-step architecture keeping software to a minimum and increasing system reliability.</p><p>The SEU-resistant A602 runs the same set of operations in parallel to make sure that the programming only views the hardware components once, making the new board ideal for mission-critical applications in the avionics markets.</p>
The V7865 is GE Fanuc Embedded Systems' flagship Core 2 Duo VMEbus single board computer.
Unlike more traditional solutions the VPF1 provides both dual independent PowerPC processors and dual independent Virtex-II Pro FPGAs for processing; as well as two 4x high-speed serial links for VITA 41 VXS (VMEBus Switched Serial) standard fabric connectivity.
Many industrial single-board computer users are still running their applications on venerable 68K-based VMEbus boards using a real-time operating system such as OS-9 or VxWorks.
Motorola is first to market with a product that takes advantage of a radical new VMEbus to PCI-X bridge, using the VMEbus two-edge source synchronous transfer (2eSST) protocol for significantly faster VMEbus data transfer rates.
The TimeSys Linux RTOS SDK is the first Linux product available for the C100 VMEbus single- board computer, providing engineers with a royalty- free, open source Linux option for product development and deployment.
To this end several methods of communicating with VXIbus devices were defined, enabling VXIbus solutions to be integrated with VMEbus, GPIB or as stand-alone portable solutions.
Designed for high-availability real-time applications, the 7000 series is qualified for use with host adapters from several vendors for standard platforms such as PCI, SGI, Sun and VMEbus. Other features include disk options of 9, 18, 36 or 73Gb capacities - up to 587Gb in a single enclosure, online hot-swap replacement of disk drives and a guarantee of no data loss or performance degradation in the event of a drive failure.
Seemingly innocuous, not least because they are built on industry-standard VMEbus cards, Radstone's 'ruggedised' products slot into the world's most fearsome military machines - particularly in the US arsenal.
One of VXI's shortcomings is that it is based on the VMEbus, which is an aged and non-standard bus.