variable-rate mortgage

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var·i·a·ble-rate mortgage

(vâr′ē-ə-bəl-rāt′, văr′-)
n. Abbr. VRM
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What is special about the joint solution is the unique integration of Bosch Video Recording Manager (VRM) and NetApp E-Series Hybrid Flash Arrays as part of BVMS.
Caption: Squadron plank owners reveal the new logo for Fleet Logistics MultiMission Squadron (VRM) 30 at the establishment ceremony as Cmdr.
For this to happen, the motherboard has to sport a really good VRM. So does the GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS MASTER check all the boxes?
1, 2019, the fund, at its option, may accelerate the transition of the MFP Shares from the VRM by designating a new mode for the MFP Shares.
Among the 8 reference compounds classified as non-sensitizers in vivo (based on published LLNA results), one was misclassified (4-methoxy-acetophenone), in common with the KeratinoSens[TM] VRM.
Rsam's VRM solution uses a unique relational-data model to centrally record and organise all risk management data for a 360-degree vendor view.
'The Comelec, through its BAC, invites interested bidders to apply for eligibility and to bid for the supply and delivery of VRMs and peripherals,' part of the bid invitation read.
"It's surely fitting that this investment follows so soon after Condeco's acquisition of my VRM, because we are certain that Condeco will continue to add scale to its impressive technological prowess for many years to come," he says.
The goal of the work is to develop a mathematical model to calculate the electromechanical characteristics of the VRM when powered by a switch with four transistors and four diodes to determine the parameters of the motor windings allowing to improve vibroacoustic characteristics and have strong economic performance.
Vinson Resolution Management (VRM) is a Los Angeles-based management company focused on the legal industry, with expertise in jury research tools, case assessments and litigation finance.
It also provides the volunteer resources manager (VRM) with access to resources in media relations, technology, graphic arts, and other elements important in recruiting and recognizing volunteers.