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VSS initially invested in Thomsons Online Benefits in 2013 in partnership with ABRY Partners.
The agreement includes the extension of VSS A/S' bank facilities of USD215m until 31 March 2020 and restructuring of certain charter party arrangements.
Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov and chairperson of the Supreme Court of Cassation (VKS) Lozan Panov were absent from the meeting of VSS.
Firas Ghanem, Regional Sales Director, Middle East, VSS Monitoring
In a statement to the Mirror, VSS said: "Anne Dorbie has recently left her position as CEO of VSS.
VSS Monitoring is a leader in brokering traffic for performance and security tools on dynamic networks deployed by enterprises, governments and service providers.
VSS Monitoring's new defragmentation capabilities lower the cost of ownership on media and network intelligence tools by reducing CPU cycles on voice and video analyzers while increasing bandwidth for relevant traffic.
35 billion this year as worsening economic conditions and a weak local advertising market weigh on continued declines in circulation and competition from alternative advertising options, VSS says in the forecast issued Tuesday.
VSS general partner Scott Troeller said that "as a result of the extraordinary proliferation of electronic evidence and growth in business litigation, the demand for high-end business information services to the litigation market has been expanding over the last three years, reaching approximately $3 billion.
VSS coordinates the point-in-time copy by sending a signal to all applications to "prepare and quiesce" their data stores so a snapshot can be taken.
For more information on the VSS Communications Industry Forecast & Report, visit www.
Draft VSS documents were released for public review and comment twice this year and were.