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n, pl vires (ˈvaɪriːz)
power, force, or strength


1. Viscount.
2. Viscountess.


1. visibility.
2. visual.
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The VYS consists of an endodermal epithelium, a basement membrane, and a mesoderm with capillaries (4).
Kaimiskuju vietoviu vys tymo strateginio proverzio salygos: Darguziu kaimo atvejis, Zemes ukio mokslai19(3): 180-191.
The arrest of bookie Ramesh Vys in Mumbai on Friday is likely to yield more insight into the scandal as police have seized 92 mobile phones and 18 sim cards from him.
Visit CO Vi VYS SA 40 ws Ypres SANTA SAYS: Main Square plays host to up to 40 gift-laden Swiss-style chalets and an ice rink which attracted 11,000 people to the delightful small Belgian town last year.
Anyway, someone called L May wrote in to VYS to complain.
The court was also shown detailed pictures of the Toyota Landcruiser utility vehicle, with the South Australian registration VYS 092, which contained a grey swag (a bed roll) in its rear along with three crates.