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Noun1.Vachel Lindsay - United States poet who traveled the country trading his poems for room and board (1879-1931)Vachel Lindsay - United States poet who traveled the country trading his poems for room and board (1879-1931)
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Thinkers covered include Vachel Lindsay, Siegfried Kracauer, Walter Benjamin, Jean Epstein, Jacques Lacan, Roland Barthes, Gilles Deleuze, Michel Foucault, Judith Butler, and Sergei Eisenstein.
In 2014, the city celebrated the centenary of Carl Sandburg's iconic poem "Chicago," drawing renewed attention to a literary generation in the city and region that included many now neglected or ignored authors, such as Vachel Lindsay, about whom Chris Mustazza writes here.
To read Hughes' letters is to be immersed in mid-century culture and politics--over the years, Hughes corresponded with Paul Robeson, Countee Cullen, Vachel Lindsay, Claude McKay, Ezra Pound, Nancy Cunard, Mary McLeod Bethune, Richard Wright and Martin Luther King Jr.
At the heart of Whitman's lecture ("Art and Artists") was essentially the same disquiet about the cultural effects of materialism which, a generation later, motivated Vachel Lindsay and the Progressives, and which caused Lindsay to be viewed initially as "something of an insurgent.
The beam-signing tradition began in 1928 with American poet Vachel Lindsay.
So gracious was he to those whom society had written off as unsalvageable that he was memorialized in a poem by American poet Nicholas Vachel Lindsay.
William Faulkner, Djuna Barnes, Dorothy Richardson, George Moore, Edmund Gosse, Aldous Huxley, Malcom Cowley, Andre Gide, Ferdinand Celine, Jean Genet, Arthur Symons, Charles Reznikoff, Louis Zukofsky, John Rodker, Amy Lowell, Babette Deutsch, Israel Zangwill, Edward Arlington Robinson and Vachel Lindsay.
The Hangover Hour Local writer David Jahn reads the work of political poet Vachel Lindsay, 5 p.
Folks discusses the effect of the myth of the American heartland on the work of a selection of respected writers whose careers cover a significant span of American literary history: Edgar Allan Poe, Vachel Lindsay, James Agee, Flannery O'Connor, V.
Our sample, made up of 3x3x3 poets (Irina Andone, Dimitrie Anghel, Thomas Lovell Beddoes, John Berryman, Paul Celan, Thomas Chatterton, Hart Crane, John Davidson, Sergey Esenin, Benjamin Fondane, Randall Jarrell, Heinrich von Kleist, Vachel Lindsay, Gherasim Luca, Lucan, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Gerard de Nerval, Cesare Pavese, Sylvia Plath, Sappho, Daniil Scavinski, Anne Sexton, Ion Stratan, Sara Teasdale, Georg Trakl, Marina Tsvetayeva, George Vasilievici) is sad testimony to such a deadlock but, as an excuse for the Poet, we will take the liberty to paraphrase La Rochefoucauld and say that Poets are not those which have "more virtue" and more of sanity than common souls, but "only those which have greater designs.
The Moon Is a Mirror, composed for Bryn Terfel, is a cycle of poems about the moon by Vachel Lindsay, and The Starry Night contains seven songs on poems that speak of starlight by different poets.
In the writing of Willa Cather, Vachel Lindsay, Langston Hughes, W.