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a. Lacking intelligence; stupid or empty-headed.
b. Devoid of substance or meaning; vapid or inane: a vacuous comment.
c. Devoid of expression; vacant: a vacuous stare. See Synonyms at empty.
2. Lacking serious purpose or occupation; idle: "A sleepless night was followed by a vacuous day" (Zon Ferraris).
3. Archaic Devoid of matter; empty: vacuous space.

[From Latin vacuus, empty; see vacuum.]

vac′u·ous·ly adv.
vac′u·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.vacuously - in a vacuous manner
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However the notion of vacuous truth arises in some pedagogical situations.
Therefore our vacuous truth is: the cardinality of the empty set is 0, the empty set is finite .