Vacuum valve

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a safety valve opening inward to admit air to a vessel in which the pressure is less than that of the atmosphere, in order to prevent collapse.

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A quick-disconnect clip opens the hinged lid, swinging the vacuum valve out of the way for easy access to the receiver body and filter screen.
The bag has a water-and air-tight zipper closure and a one-way vacuum valve that allows you to evacuate the bag's internal air.
The parameter performance ranges from vacuum valve to ultra high pressure valve in 600 Mpa and the temperature ranges from low -196-deg C to high 570-deg C.
Nine tenders for the supply of (a) flat conveyor belts, (b) casual suits for the workers, (c) spare parts for the fodder press, (d) a drive for the air vacuum valve, (e) electric cables, (f) shiny round steel rods, (g) 300 plastic structures, (h) electric spare parts, also (i) five rubber belts complete with locks.
This triggers the vacuum valve and stops the petrol flow.
When the distant signal was on, a vacuum valve opened in the shoe, which sounded a siren.
There is also a unique 'park safe' feature for the gas and vacuum valve during cleaning.
Before filling the cylinder with a new gas, it is evacuated through the manifold's vacuum valve. After the evacuation and subsequent filling, the cylinder valve remains open, so the gas flow is regulated only by the gas cylinder's regulator and vacuum valve.