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n. Hinduism
One who worships Vishnu.

[From Sanskrit vaiṣṇava-, relating to Vishnu, from Viṣṇuḥ, Vishnu.]

Vaish′na·vism (-vĭz′əm) n.


the worship of Vishnu in any of his forms or incarnations. — Vaishnava, Vaishnavite, n.
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Noun1.Vaishnavism - Hindu sect worshiping of VishnuVaishnavism - Hindu sect worshiping of Vishnu  
Hindooism, Hinduism - the religion of most people in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal
religious order, religious sect, sect - a subdivision of a larger religious group
Vaishnava - worshipper of Vishnu
2.Vaishnavism - worship of Vishnu one of the 3 chief gods of the Hindu pantheonVaishnavism - worship of Vishnu one of the 3 chief gods of the Hindu pantheon
Hindooism, Hinduism - a body of religious and philosophical beliefs and cultural practices native to India and based on a caste system; it is characterized by a belief in reincarnation, by a belief in a supreme being of many forms and natures, by the view that opposing theories are aspects of one eternal truth, and by a desire for liberation from earthly evils
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If MGR was a Malayali from Palakkad, Jayalalithaa was a Kannadiga born at Mandya in erstwhile Mysore, though born to a Tamil Vaishnavite Brahmin Iyengar couple.
Hindu eschatology follows the Vaishnavite tradition to the figure of Kalki, or the tenth and last avatar of Vishnu or Shiva names of the Supreme Being in Hinduism and before the age draws to a close, and Harihara simultaneously dissolves and regenerates the universe.
Recently, hardcore atheist DMK leader MK Stalin's visit to an ancient Vaishnavite temple raised some eyebrows.
CONGRESS vice- president Rahul Gandhi was not stopped from visiting the 16th- century Barpeta Vaishnavite Satra in Assam, claimed the head priest of the holy shrine on Monday after the Congress leader kicked up a political storm alleging that RSS activists had prevented him from entering the monastery on Friday.
Her father, a Vaishnavite Brahmin scholar and Kathak exponent, sent her to a local school where she impressed her teachers and the local media with her performance in a dance drama, Savitri Satyavan.
Used by the kings as a venue for the Vaishnavite Ras festival, its pillared corridors are replete with intricate terra cotta relief work.
Vaikunta Ekadashi occurs in December and Vaishnavite (Worship of Lord Vishnu) culture believes that 'Vaikunta Dwaram' or 'the gate to Lord's Inner Sanctum' is opened on this day.
If for Vaishnavite Hindus, Krishna is merely an avatar of Vishnu, for Krishnaite Hindus--at least by the medieval period and the advent of the Bhakti tradition--all gods, from Vishnu to Shiva to Brahma to Devi, are manifestations of the single, supreme godhead, Krishna.
There is more: In Eastern Bengal, beginning in the sixteenth century, under the influence of the emperor Hussein Shah (1493-1519), the Vaishnavite cult of Satya Pit ("the Master of the Truth") was confused with the cult of the Muslim martyr-saint from Baghdad, Mansur al-Hallaj (d.
For instance, the Maharashtran Vaishnavite poetess Janabai mentions her love for Vithal in a consummative tone:
This shivaite feature does not exclude vaishnavite influence, especially in Bengal where the Kali of Compassion is called Bisnu Kali.
It is a sacred site for those Hindus that follow the Vaishnavite and Shaivitie traditions.